iPhone 6 and 7 PLUS Cases!

The much awaited Twisty Ride iPhone 6&7 PLUS cases are now available for pre-order on our North American and European websites. We worked hard on this new design to bring you the best case on the market:

  • Ultra slim design to fit in your (large) pocket
  • Certified IP68 waterproof (best in class): this iPhone 7 Plus case can be used in your bath to take underwater pictures.
  • The iPhone can be fully operated including fingerprint recognition, touch screen, volume and on/off buttons.
  • Front and rear cameras windows to take pictures and video.
  • Let the sound go through: phone calls can be had with the case on.
  • Shock-proof internal rubber surrounds the iPhone to protect it from vibrations.
  • Compatible with the new Twisty Ride motorcycle USB charger (and other standard iPhone chargers)

As always, these cases are compatible with your previous Twisty Ride mount. If you’re upgrading to an iPhone 6 Plus or 7 Plus, you just need to purchase this item and it will work with your existing mounting system.

iphone7-plus-waterproof-case iphone-7-plus-waterproof-case-preview-bottom iphone-7-plus-waterproof-case-preview-side iphone-7-plus-waterproof-case-preview-back