Long Term Test: a case after 20,000 miles

A couple of years ago we lent one of our v1.0 motorcycle iPhone case to London Bikers. They said they would take it for a spin… 20,000 miles later, Arctic circle crossed and Russia visited, here is the result.

What’s the bill then?

  • Top safety clip snapped. This is something we would normally repair under warranty. Not a massive issue in that it does not hamper the use of the case but best to have it fixed. We’ve made this component stronger in the subsequent versions of the case.
  • Back of the case heavily marked. We’re unsure of what happened there. Maybe the case rubbed against a part of the motorbike for a long period of time. Or maybe the case went on the ground a few times.
  • Lost hole plug. The hole plug is used to keep the case waterproof when it is not charging. Losing the hole plug is no longer possible in the latest version of our motorcycle phone mount since it is now attached to the case.

Aside from this, you’ll be pleased to know that the case remains in good working order including the screen (no big scratches etc), despite what this journey must have thrown at it (the latest version of the case has an ever harder screen built by 3M).


Thanks again to London Bikers and Chicken Strip Media for this awesome test.


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