iPhone 6 and Samsung S5 cases

Our new Twisty Ride iPhone 6 and Samsung S5 cases are on their way! You will see below the pictures of our 3D printed prototype. We’ve been working hard on this one here are some of the highlights:

  • We remain the only case that is certified IP55 waterproof when the charging cable is plugged in (and without too but that’s easy). Good for high speed riding in heavy weather, or even sailing for that matter.
  • The screen and lens material now comes from 3M and presents higher resistance to scratches as well as greater clarity than our previous models (and most of the competition too).
  • Whilst the iPhone 6 is noticeably larger than the iPhone 5, the overall case dimensions have been kept roughly the same as with our iPhone 5 model thanks to a completely redesigned bottom end.
  • We now have a headphone socket for the iPhone 6 (although your headphones’ connector must be the same size as the standard Apple connector).
  • The case will also be available with for the Samsung S5.
  • Our new charger will be based on a standard USB connector (but modified to be waterproof) to allow other components to be charged.

Production should complete in Feb 2016, in time for the riding season. (or sailing). Stay tuned!



10 thoughts on “iPhone 6 and Samsung S5 cases

    • It depends on the shape of the iPhone 7 Plus. If it is similar then we’ll have a case that is backward compatible. Otherwise we will not be doing a case.

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