To Helsinki and Beyond

Somewhere in Sweden

From time to time, we receive interesting requests from fellow bikers riding into the sunset. Today it’s John, taking a month off to go to Helsinki:

I’m planning to ride over to Helsinki towards the end of July, returning sometime in August, and I was wondering if you could give any advice?
I put Helsinki in as a destination on the route planner, and got some very interesting suggestions, which seemed to run out of steam once it got beyond Germany.
My intended route is to take the tunnel across to Calais and head up towards Hamburg, then up to Denmark, Sweden and across to Finland, then returning by dropping down to Estonia, and thru Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and back virtually the same way thru Hannover.

Helsinki is well known to Twisty Ride since it is the place where we held our 2011 general assembly. And it is AWESOME! Especially in summer with very long days and an entire population keen to enjoy them. The main issue with the countries that you will be going through John, is that they are rather flat which, in turn, makes the roads quite uninteresting. We’ve driven a fair bit in mainland Sweden and Finland and, well, it’s more Harley territory than KTM Duke. Plus reindeers are everywhere including the middle of the road so you need to watch out. The only salvation in this type of terrain is to stick to the coast. The sea brings the dramatic landscapes and the twists and turns which put a smile back on the biker’s face.

Our website will not be able to compute such a large trip (too CPU intensive). However you can break it down into smaller pieces and plan them individually with it. The other point to note is that our coverage of the North is not great (help us by adding roads here). The alternative is to bring a map with you and every evening plan your road for the next day (Michelin maps highlight scenic roads and the twists are apparent). We used to do that a lot before creating the website.


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