Santander to Calais

Dean, clearly a fan, wrote us a little email recently:

“Hi just like to say great website,can you help we are planning a trip from santander to calais over five day four of us in july could you please suggest some good routes as we are at legger heads”

First of all, if anyone knows what being “at legger heads” means, please comment on this post because even Google stayed bemused on this one.

That said, we obviously went out of our way to help Dean and make July, a July he will remember. There are basically two main playgrounds on a more or less direct line from Santander to Calais: the Pyrenees and the Massif Central. Because it’s July you’ll want to avoid the coast due to heavy traffic and high temperatures. An alternative to the Massif Central would be to join the Alps but that’s a longer way across so make for long days on the saddle. You’ll gain your qualification as an Iron Butt with that second solution. With this in mind, I’ll go for something around one of these two options:

Pyrenees and Massif Central


Pyrenees, Massif Central and Alps


Not too far from Millau, France


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