January Weekend Mini-tours

Yep, it’s winter. Well, theoretically at least because the thermometer says otherwise. Which is not good for bees really because they think it’s spring, go out to fetch some pollen and die off finding nothing but emptiness and desolation. The biker however, as a result of many years of natural selection, has learned how to spot winter. And the biker indeed stays home in winter, preserving his reserves of leathers for when the tarmac is dry and collecting miles becomes easier. But in the face of global warming, the biker now has no choice but to adapt. The roads are salt-less and the temperatures mild enough to allow the modern rider to sneak in a cheeky weekend out with his mates in January.

To facilitate the evolution of the specie, Twisty Ride has compiled below a list of three weekend rides across England. Fear not however, no matter where you live, our touring planner will get you to the best roads around.

1) Londoners: why not pay a quick visit to East Anglia? Ride north-east for a bit, stop at one of the typical medieval towns and enjoy the local cider. This is an easy 2 day ride with a few nice twisties put in the mix too. The roads will be empty and life in the city forgotten as soon as the M25 is crossed. Click here for the roadbook.

2) Departing from Manchester, there is a world of opportunities ahead of you. Head north, cross the Yorkshire Dales and stay over in the middle of the Lake District. It’ll be a bit fresh, but the beauty of this region is second to none. Click here for the roadbook.

3) Bristol is another fantastic location to start from. West, the Brecon Beacons National Park, East the Costwolds and South West Devon and the Exmoor National Park. We’ll advise Route 2 here and go south to gain one or two degrees in temperature. Stay over at one of the smaller coastal town like Lynmouth and enjoy the freshly caught fish. Click here for the roadbook.

Let’s continue evolving! Let’s tour in winter!

Note: due to twisty roads being continuously added to the search engine, the links presented in this article may propose different routes than advertised. The beauty is that they are all good. But if you want more control over your journey, click on “Planner” and then use the “Directions” tab instead of the “Touring” tab.

Don't throw away your rider.

Don’t throw away your rider.


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