Christmas Party, Pizzas and… what!?

It was Twisty Ride’s annual Christmas party yesterday, celebrated in “style” at Rossopomodoro. Well, yeah, Italian food is a favorite. Why force yourself to eat those ill conceived “Christmas” mini-nibbles (pork & apricot pinches!?), standing up in your once in a year Tuxedo when you can have a proper meal, splashed with some more than decent wine and spend an unashamedly good time with all your friends? So there we were, enjoying the night when an astute member of the crew pointed at the quote of the day: “Pizza is like sex.” (half of the crowd starting to check their pizzas, the other half already trying to induce self-vomiting). “When it is good, it is really good.” (wave of relief felt throughout). “When it is not good, it is still good.” (silence, then general disagreement with this statement, then silence again as everybody was trying to figure out what horrible things could possibly have happened). Oh, fun we had…

(For illustration purposes only)

(For illustration purposes only)


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