Waterproofs, Rain and Private Parts

We had one of our all-time best customer support email today. This now client of ours wrote to tell us that his testicles were getting wet when wearing his waterproof suit under rainy conditions. So the team went into diagnostic mode.

The main point to understand about motorcycle waterproof oversuits is that the good ones are… waterproof. Which also means non breathable (this includes our Ride magazine Best Buy waterproof oversuit). Before anybody asks, I haven’t seen any successful Gore-Tex oversuit (boots, trousers and jackets are no oversuits). I suspect the high price of this material does not sit well with the battering it takes when traveling at speed. I also suspect that the breathability qualities of Gore-Tex might be acting in its disfavour when there is so much wind pressure applied to it. But parenthesis closed. If anyone wants to report about Gore-Tex and motorcycles please write us at puncture@twistyride.com.

So, for all intents and purposes, rainsuits aren’t breathable. They are also constantly refreshed by rain. Those combined effects mean that the sweat our body produces in surprisingly large quantities when riding goes out and condenses on the inside of the suit. The results is that although the rain did not come in, you will find your leathers have a visible layer of “water” on top of them and feel a bit wet. There is no real solution to it aside from stopping regularly and giving it a breather.

Now in the case of our customer, it turned out his previous suit was actually leaking (not from us, no no no).


One thought on “Waterproofs, Rain and Private Parts

  1. Response from Chris, the client:
    “I’m used to it. My testicles are always making news. They are now looking forward to being moist but not wet when the Bering suit arrives!”

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