Emergency Blood Bikes

We are very proud that Allister has chosen our motorcycle phone mount for his Blood Bike.


iPhone 6 and 7 PLUS Cases!

The much awaited Twisty Ride iPhone 6&7 PLUS cases are now available for pre-order on our North American and European websites. We worked hard on this new design to bring you the best case on the market:

  • Ultra slim design to fit in your (large) pocket
  • Certified IP68 waterproof (best in class): this iPhone 7 Plus case can be used in your bath to take underwater pictures.
  • The iPhone can be fully operated including fingerprint recognition, touch screen, volume and on/off buttons.
  • Front and rear cameras windows to take pictures and video.
  • Let the sound go through: phone calls can be had with the case on.
  • Shock-proof internal rubber surrounds the iPhone to protect it from vibrations.
  • Compatible with the new Twisty Ride motorcycle USB charger (and other standard iPhone chargers)

As always, these cases are compatible with your previous Twisty Ride mount. If you’re upgrading to an iPhone 6 Plus or 7 Plus, you just need to purchase this item and it will work with your existing mounting system.

iphone7-plus-waterproof-case iphone-7-plus-waterproof-case-preview-bottom iphone-7-plus-waterproof-case-preview-side iphone-7-plus-waterproof-case-preview-back



Charger Install Guide

Wonder how to best install our 12V waterproof phone charger? Neil, one of our customer, has put together a very comprehensive video guide of his install on a BMW 1200 GSA. It’s a very clean setup and Neil provides plenty of useful tips. Check it out!

Thanks Neil, that’s brilliant!
The TR Team

Good Apps / Bad Apps

The Twisty Ride waterproof motorcycle charger is built to Apple’s specifications for iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 5C and 6 and Samsung’s specifications for the Galaxy S5. This means that it outputs a current of 5V 1A, which is what the Apple and Samsung chargers also output.

With this in mind, it is possible for an application to consume more than what the charger pushes out leading to the battery slowly depleting despite the charger being plugged in. The flashlight application is one such example and some GPS applications fall into that category too.

Unfortunately Twisty Ride has no control over applications written for the iPhone and therefore cannot guarantee that your favorite app does not over-strain the battery / charger. The section below list out the Good Apps which, if used when riding, will still allow the charger to top the phone’s battery up, and the Bad Apps which drain more than the charger’s output.


  • Motion X (Apple): Free GPS application, can load and display the output of Twisty Ride’s Journey Planner.
  • BackCountry Navigator (Android): Free GPS application, can load and display the output of Twisty Ride’s Journey Planner.
  • TomTom GPS Navigation Traffic (Apple & Android): Navigation software. The Power Save setting must be enabled to allow it to charge on 1A.
  • Google Maps / Nav (Apple & Android): Free navigation software. It is not possible to load GPX files as far as we know and the app needs to be connected to the data network.


  • CoPilot GPS Navigation App (Apple & Android): Navigation software. We’ve had mixed results with this app. It has been tested on a one week trip in Germany with an iPhone 5 and everything went well, phone charged from 15% to 100% in a matter of hours. But the iPhone 6 requires a 2A input current to operate it.

Drop us a line at goodappsbadapps@twistyride.com if you have information about an app or want to know how a specific app will perform.

Updated Journey Planner: GPX file export

Quick post to say that our Motorcycle Journey Planner has just been updated. Among a number of required technical upgrades, we have one absolutely awesome new feature: the ability to export your trip into a proper, fully detailed GPX file.

You can now use our engine and display your journey onto a wide variety of apps on your mobile phone or computer. Our favorites (more on why we choose them in this post):

  • Backcountry Navigator Pro for Android phones and tablets
  • MotionX GPS for Apple phones and tablets (don’t forget to use the “display all recorded tracks option” as our file contains multiple tracks).